7 Quarantine Lessons That Changed my Life as a Teenager.

Quarantine lessons are probably the highlights of the last year.

2020 was a horrible year to most of the world’s population. A lot of people lost their lives, some lost their jobs and some lost their properties. Businesses sank, economies crashed, the global market suffered terribly and a lot of students were forced out of schools. These are just the little snippets of how horrible the year 2020 was for some of us.

A lot of shopping malls went berserk with orders as the demand for face masks, toiletries and hand sanitizers skyrocketed during the pandemic.

To summarize, 2020 was one heck of a year. Thankfully, we made it through the year and we are set for a new decade. However, we can recount what we learnt from it. So, here are seven quarantine lessons that I learnt last year.

1. Anything can happen at anytime.

Who would have believed that one day we would have to stay indoors 24/7 for several months and only go out wearing masks?

Who would have guessed that tissues and hand sanitizers would be as important as food?

Not me certainly.

When the corona virus struck, it still seemed like a joke to most people and I will be lying if I said I didn’t doubt it as well. Corona was highly transmittable and could easily be contacted. However, what was most frightening about this virus was that it had no cure!

I have no detail on how or when the disease escaped it’s place of generation. Nevertheless, the lockdown was an awfully spontaneous development. It was unsettling to stay locked up in one’s house for an unknown period of time.

2. All we really need are Food Water Clothing and shelter. The other luxuries are just extra.

Human beings need primarily only four things for survival: Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter. This is with the exception of oxygen in air which is free and available in abundance.

Secondary needs may include things like education, social amenities, good car, insurance and so on. Tertiary wants are such things like vacations, the latest tech gadget or the fanciest jewelries. They are just additions. Even though it’s obvious how unnecessary most of these things are, they are still sought by many. Humans are known for being insatiable and its common for almost everyone to want these extra luxuries.

However, the pandemic and the lockdown made those luxuries limited. This quarantine lesson taught me that we really don’t need as much as we think we do.

one of my quarantine lessons is that we only need these four basic things to survive

3. Happiness is a Choice.

A lot of people will have contradictory opinions about this but it’s actually the truth. Sadness was definitely a norm for a lot of people during quarantine. I almost got sucked deeply into the well of misery, and even depression! Thankfully, I broke out of my traumatic state early enough, something I’m very grateful to God for.

How I achieved this was actually very simple. While some people were struggling to breathe or helping to fight the deadly pandemic, others were thrown into worry because of the uncertainties that befell them especially that of finances.

A handful of people were however, only heartbroken by shallow reasons. This could be that they couldn’t go out anymore or attend the social events they’d probably planned for. These thoughts gave me the realization that I have a lot to be grateful. I learnt how to appreciate what I had instead of making up excuses why I can’t be happy.

If you struggled or you still struggle with sadness, then I recommend you read my article on Five Ways to Become More Happy. I’m positive it will help you.

4. Time is Priceless.

You would think that due to the amount of time we had to ourselves, a lot of people would get so much done during the pandemic. Sadly, that wasn’t the case of many. A lot of people (I inclusive) took time for granted. The excuse was that we had time in surplus so we forgot it’s value. I put off a lot of things I should have done during the period of lockdown on the excuse of “Hey! We aren’t going anywhere for at least a couple of months so I still have a lot of time “.

Fortunately, I achieved a few things during the pandemic. Example, I took some online classes on web development, learnt a lot about fitness and invested in this blog. Still, I believe I would have done more if I was disciplined.

Like the famous saying “never put off till tomorrow what can be done today”. I wish I had listened to that because if I did, I would have accomplished more that I did last year.

quarantine lessons taught me never to take time for granted no matter how plentiful it may seem

5. Discipline is a life skill.

This is an extension of quarantine lesson number four. Discipline is a prerequisite for success and self control is important.

Lockdown tested everyone’s discipline. Since we were all at home and probably had no one pushing us to do stuff we didn’t want to do, the tendency of actually getting important things done was  a concise measure of the amount of self control we have.

Doing what we ought to do when being told is hard enough, imagine doing it when you have no one reminding you, that’s even harder! I definitely admire those who pushed themselves to do stuff during the lockdown.

Personally, I think we can learn discipline so let’s all make it part of our new year resolutions.

quarantine lessons taught me that once you learn discipline, you will never want to let go

6. Our planet matters.

Environmental sanitation is one of the most underrated issues in our society today. The ozone layer is in trouble and our oceans are filled with plastic waste that are endangering aquatic life. A handful of our earth’s pollutants are manually generated by humans. Most of them come from industries and power plants especially from companies in the energy and cosmetic sector that work with a lot of petrochemicals.

The lockdown resulted in the shutdown of most industries or at least a prominent decrease in their activities thereby limiting the emission of their deadly pollutants. This gave the earth sometime to heal.

Researches actually show that the pandemic affected our climate in subtle positive ways. For instance, an article from theconversation.com stated that ;”Worldwide, daily emissions of carbon dioxide had dropped by 17% by early April (compared with levels in 2019) because of the reduction in land transportation”.

Quarantine lessons not only taught me about humans, but also why we should put the well being of our planet into consideration more often.

7. Once there is life, there is hope.

This is the last of my quarantine lessons. It is unquestionably valid and with reason. A lot of bad things occurred during the year 2020, but it’s certain that if you’re reading this article then you’re still alive and that’s something to be grateful for. Whether you lost your job, your social life, your business or a loved one, there is still hope and with time we will move past all our sorrows.

Finally, 2020 may not have been the best year for most of us, but at least we made pass the year and with every new day comes new opportunities so buckle up, have faith and work hard. We hope that 2021 is great!

Do you have quarantine lessons that you wish to share? Leave them in the comments. I would love to read them.

Stay safe and stay happy


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