How To Achieve Body Confidence as a Teenager.

Here is your ultimate guide on how to achieve perfect body confidence.

Most people struggle with body image especially females. This is not to say that men do not have these concerns, but it’s an issue that is unarguably more common with women. It would be impractical to say ‘just love your body’ because it’s not that easy. Sadly enough, the platforms that promote body dysmorphia among young people are the same ones that put out corny campaigns about body positivity.

It’s all “love your body” and “all bodies are beautiful” until your body type does not fit under any category of “all bodies” that they want to acknowledge as beautiful. You need to realize that only you and you alone is responsible for how you feel about your body. Those around you can affect that, the society can influence that, but it’s to an extent.

You can choose to say no to self hate and appreciate your body no matter what. So, I’m scraping out all cliché and corny tips that you hear on the internet and giving you practical stuff on how to actually love your body. Let’s begin!


Social media is filled with so much falsity on beauty standards and how a “normal” or “beautiful” person should look like. They’re no rules for beauty! We have been tricked into believing that the specific body types glorified on the media are the “ideal” ones that every human should have. But that is just crap!

Besides, not all of those body types are real. Some are products of several and perhaps even dangerous surgical procedures. Ultimately, some people were lucky and got genes that gave them the kind of body that they are being worshipped for. Lifestyle and level of physical activity can also influence the way someone looks.

We are all created differently body and mind so it’s safe to say that you have the right to love your natural body and not feel bad about yourself because you do not look like a certain Instagram model or fitness influencer.

Beauty standards have changed, is changing and will keep changing as long as the earth keeps spinning. The set of people that are worshipped on Instagram and Tiktok today will look nothing like the set of people that will be worshipped in the next decade or even less. Know this and learn to live with the good body that God has blessed you with.

we are not all meant to look the same. Every body is beautiful


Just because you need to accept your body does not mean you have to be hostile towards other bodies around you. Causing yourself to think that you must love your body and only your body will put you in a mental cage that is both suffocating and unnecessary.

It’s okay to feel a little intimidated sometimes. Most people get insecure of one thing. You only have to draw a line at the point where the likeness of another person’s body is starting to fuel an unnatural sense of disdain towards your own body.

Its analogous to admiring a dress another person has on, while still loving the one you are putting on. Recognize that your own dress is beautiful, but do not feel like a villain for just wanting the other dress.


The more you look for what you consider “flaws” in other people’s body, the more you become self conscious of the flaws in your own body. Learn to see the good in other people because when you’re only focused on their bad parts, you’ll find yourself comparing your body to theirs and trust me, it never goes well.

If the first thing you notice about people is how “shapeless” they are, then you need to STOP! It is a mere reflection of your personal insecurities. If you cannot find someone positive to think about someone’s physique, then look away. Nobody owes you an aesthetically pleasing body and nobody needs your validation on whether they are beautiful.

quotes to improve body confidence


Clothes play a big role in the way we see ourselves. Often times, we wear clothes that are too tight, too short or too big and end up blaming our bodies instead of putting on what is suitable for us.

Expecting something to look good on you just because it looks good on someone else is setting yourself up for tragedy. This is because they are different body shapes so what suits another person may not look good on you and vice versa. It does not mean that something is wrong with your body or theirs, it means you are dressing incorrectly for your body type.

Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that will not make you look away from a mirror. This can instantly improve your mood and body confidence.


You will be surprised at how many people assume that their body shaming and fat-phobic statements are okay. Some people see it as a joke. Others expect you to tolerate it because they are “just being honest”

Relatives, friends, family members and even life partners can be your enemies when it comes to achieving body confidence. Sometimes, the intention was not to be malicious. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that they can be toxic and can lead to bad body consciousness. The moment you become vocal, you have established boundary that they are forced to adhere to.

If they do not honor your request, stay as far away as possible.

Rest in peace stereotypes and body shaming



Stop supporting brands and influencers that promote ‘diet culture’ and toxic beauty standards. Do not expect to fall in love with your body as a plus size person if the only people you see on your Instagram feed are thin models. It can also be difficult to appreciate your slender body when Instagram keeps pushing pictures of “thick” girls in your face.

Support people who look just like you. You can learn things that are peculiar to your body type such as dressing tips and other life hacks.


Get new hobbies, try something you love and gain new skills. Anytime that can improve your confidence and help you forget about how ‘imperfect’ your body is. Even if you choose to work on your body, set new goals that are less superficial. Stop going on multiple diets or getting hours of workout on the gym just to get that ‘dream’ body. Maybe, focus on getting stronger or more flexible. Exercising doesn’t always have to be about weight loss or gain.

A good reason to workout and exercise.


Care for your body, cook a good meal, have a bath, stretch! Sometimes the repulse you’re getting for your body is because you are not taking care of it as you should.

When last did you eat a whole cooked meal? Your pale skin and chapped lips are due to lack of moisturization. The stiffness in your legs may be as a result of not stretching. Your stomach looks big and bloated because you may be consuming excess salt. And your hair may not shine like the picture on your shampoo because your entire body is hydrated.

Instead of hating your body, try caring for it.

Care for your body. Eat, hydrate, move, sleep.


Learn to love your body because there is no gain in doing otherwise.

These are all my tips on how to achieve body confidence.

I hope you found them really helpful. Leave a comment if you did.

If you have any other suggestions on how to achieve body confidence, please share them in the comments.

Stay safe, Stay happy.


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