Why Your New Year resolutions never work!

This is why your new year resolutions never work.

It is a new year and everyone is making new year resolutions. Almost everyone has a list of things their “new” self wants to achieve in the new year.

Why then do the resolutions remain unfulfilled throughout the year and is being passed on to the next year?

In this article, I will highlight some of the reasons I think are responsible for the majority of people not being able to achieve their new year resolutions.

Let’s begin.

Photo by PexelsWhy your new year resolutions never work


We all want things that we think will make our lives better and so make our resolutions off of them.
But most times, when we think we are making resolutions, we are actually just making wishes. This is an example of what most people’s new year resolutions look like.

“I want to look better”

“Eat healthier”

“Work harder”

“Make more money”

These are all just wishes!

Decisions are however, what we make up our mind to do. Resolutions are supposed to be decisions and not just wishes.

Try replacing what you want with what you will do. For example:

“I want to look better”

“I will take better care of my physical appearance”

“Eat healthier”

“Henceforth, I will eat a more balanced diet”

“I want to work harder”

“Onwards, I will be disciplined to work better and smarter at achieving my goals”

“Make more money”

“I will save, invest and harness my skills in order to build more streams of income this year”

Do you see the difference between the two?

Stop making wishes. Rather, make decisions based on your new year resolutions.


Most people’s resolutions are abstract and not very realistic. Instead of taping your written resolutions to the bottom of your desk or drawer. Map out a plan and strategy that will actually help you to achieve them.

You hope to make/save money this year? How do you plan to go about it? Get a new job? Do you have a business plan? How much do you hope to invest? What are the monthly tasks, weekly tasks and even daily tasks you need to do to ensure that your resolutions are fulfilled?

You need better grades in school? What is your study plan? What bad habits do you think are affecting your grades? How do you plan to get rid of them? How often do you plan to read? What study technique will you use? What is the approach to reviving your already fallen grades.

In order to prevent procrastination, you need to break down your new year goals into small chunks. Divide them into monthly, weekly and even daily plans you need to achieve first.

Without a solid plan, writing new year resolutions is as good as writing a list of things you want from Santa during Christmas.


Do your make new year resolutions of things you really need, or things you feel are expected of you?

Are they common, conventional wishes that are influenced by friends, social media or what other people are doing?

If you answered yes to these questions, then that may be a sign that your resolutions are just for validation purposes.

There are common resolutions that society expects from us. Things like “make more money”, “workout more often”, “become more social” are things you will see on 99% of people’s new year resolutions. These are not bad decisions to take, but they are not as personally oriented.

Some of us do not recognize what we really need to change in our lives, so we make our resolutions based on societal expectations. It is difficult to accomplish those resolutions because some of them are unnatural standards that we just can’t meet, at least not as easily as we are expected to.

We have insecurities, skills and weaknesses that needs work. When we pay attention to what we really need to improve, it is easier to do them than to bother ourselves with the stress of changing certain aspects of ourselves just for validation.

 “Do not be conformed to this world [adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect in his sight for you.” – Romans 12:2


This is sequel to reason #3. Yes there is something such as a wrong resolution and most of us make them unknowingly. Often times it is as a result of misplaced priorities or negative influence.

We can be tricked into thinking that what we want is what we need when it actually isn’t. When we make resolutions about achieving certain things, it is because we have been told or influenced in a way that isn’t right. So, as long as our decisions do not come with the right motives, fulfilling those new year resolutions is close to impossible.

Go through your new year resolutions again. Do you actually want those things you put there? Or is it for someone else or for a wrong reason that you want to accomplish?

When you start making the right resolutions, it is easier to fulfill them.

2022 goals
Photo by Pexels


Why wait till 1st of January to start making changes? Don’t put off that work till the new week. Why are you waiting for a new month before you start working on your dreams?

Surely, circumstances do not always permit us to do the things we wish we could. But time isn’t always the limiting factor. Even if your goals need to wait till a certain time, the pre steps are often not restricted by anything.
Example, as a business owner, if you have to wait till a certain period to launch a new product or service, then that is fine. Nevertheless, you can start promoting it beforehand and spreading its popularity.

Moreover, it can’t be all of your goals that are constrained by time, can it? Begin something, no matter how little. Stop waiting for the right time, there is no “perfect” time, START NOW!

“If you want until the wind and weather is just right, you will never sow and harvest anything.” – Ecclesiastes 11:4


New year resolutions must not be achieved at the beginning of the year. Do not give up just because the first half of year is done and end up pushing them into the next year.

Remember that a year has 365 days in it. You must not achieve your goals in the first 100 days, you can even achieve it at the end of the year. Your goals may finally be fulfilled at 31st December. It’s still part of the year.

do not give up, you are closer than you think
Photo by favim

These are the reasons why new year resolutions do not work for the majority of us. If you have other thoughts and reasons, please comment them below.

Thank you for taking time to read this article, I hope it was helpful to you. Do not forget to share this with someone to also enlighten them. And as always,

Stay Safe, Stay Happy


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