10 Habits That Will Improve Your Life as a Teen

These ten habits that will improve your life may be just what you need right now.

There has been a lot of misconceptions about what a better life is all about in our society today. Most websites and self-help books will give you the conventional tips on “how to become successful” rather than guidelines on living a truly happy and fulfilling life.

For this reason, I am sharing detailed and useful habits to start today that will significantly improve your quality of living in the long run.

how to improve your life and look just as happy

1.Guard your mind- Say no to Information overload.

Simply put, “Information overload” is excessive consumption of information especially that which is irrelevant or hinders decision making.

Thanks to the internet and social media, many of us are victims of this bad practice because let’s face it, most people love juicy gossip and entertainment gist but how does knowing the latest car a celebrity is driving benefit us?

Also, with the tons of ideas, opinions and opportunities that exist both digitally and offline, consuming too much knowledge can make you feel overwhelmed on which path to take, be it in career, school or just other aspirations. Having lots of unnecessary choices makes it hard when you have an important decision to make.

Regulate what goes into your mind and work on filling it with useful, positive, impactful thoughts and ideas. Your mind is like a control room, you need to keep it in check at all times.

Remember, not every idea, opinion and thought is worth your time.

excessive social media can lead to information overload which is not a good habit that will improve your life.
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2. Leave your comfort zone.

Stop doing only what makes you comfortable.

Surely, we should always trust our instincts and only do what we seem rational, but sometimes you have to step out of that little shell called “comfort” and actually do something your usual laid-back self wouldn’t want to.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not talking about doing something “crazy” or “wild”. I’m talking about breaking those boundaries that are separating the current you, from whom you want to be. Take meaningful challenges that test your discipline and push past your limit to see how much self control you have.

Leaving your comfort zone doesn’t have to be tedious. Start by picking one thing that is very hard for you to let go off and stop doing it.

For instance, do not touch your phone at least an hour after waking up.

3. Don’t fear failure

You shouldn’t fear failure because…your fear won’t help anything!

You may be thinking in your mind “well that’s not true, fear of failure may push you to do what can make you successful” and of course this opinion is half valid, but in as much as the fear of failure can be a good fuel for hard work, it can also be a limiting factor.

A wise person told me that:

In order to truly succeed, your drive for success must be bigger than your fear of failure.

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4. Embrace criticism as a medium for improvement.

How do you deal with criticism? Do you simply ignore it? Do you turn sour at the jab in your confidence and hold a grudge against the critic? Or do face them head high by looking for ways to improve?

Surely, not everyone’s opinions matter and sometimes, you have to learn how to stop caring about what other people think. On the flip side, criticism can be your best friend! Those statements that usually weakened your self esteem can be turned into weapons for self improvement.

It doesn’t matter if it’s constructive criticism or just miscreants trying to pull you down. Learn to discern between the two, use the good ones to work on being better and discard the rest!


5. Make both input and output goals.

Everyone knows about writing goals and how important it is, but not everybody knows that it is almost ineffective if not done the right way. How then do we write our goals correctly in a way that’ll fuel us to accomplish it easier and faster?

They’re two types of goals; Input goals and Output goals.

Output goals are the main goals you would like to achieve, example scoring an A+ in your next test, or losing 20 pounds within the next three months, or buying a car before the year runs out.

Input goals are the things you have to do to accomplish your output goals. They’re basically your output goals split into little chunks. Here are some examples of output goals and the input goals that may be underneath.

  • Output goal: Score an A+ in all my exams this semester.
  • Input goals; study for two hours every day, do all my assignments thoroughly, practice past questions, etc.
  • Output goal: Buy a new car
  • Input goals; Save 2k monthly, get another job, open fixed deposit.

I’m sure you get the point now. Some input goals can be further divided into smaller parts like save Ñ500 weekly in order to get to 2k monthly.

6. Be Proactive – Make decisions and take responsibility for them.

God has a purpose for everyone and you are not exempted. Be Proactive and not passive. Don’t let circumstances and situations define you. Surely bad situations may affect you negatively, but they can’t control how much damage they do beyond the physical.

Whatever decision you make, own it! Even if it doesn’t turn out well, accept that fact that you tried and failed, then try again. Don’t go around looking for someone to put the blame on and certainly don’t wander around looking for pity.


7. Do it for YOU.

Work at outdoing your self, not another person. One man’s success does not equal your failure. If you always strive to beat a competition, then you’ll never have rest because there’s always going to be someone who is better at something than you are.

Learn to see yourself as your only competition and improve so that you can be better than who you were before, not to prove to people how better you are than them.

Work on your self, gain experience, learn new skills, perfect the old ones. Don’t do it to overthrow another person. Improve your life for yourself and not to impress anyone. Don’t do something because everyone else is doing it and don’t do it because you feel pressured to. Do it because you need to and because you want to. Do it for YOU!

8. If you can’t change it, Ignore it.

People have different opinions and often times we feel like we always have to convince people into our way of thinking but the good news is – You don’t!

Take people’s opinions as what they are- their opinions. It doesn’t matter if everyone else disagrees with you or people even call you a “bigot”. It is good to be open-minded, but they’re some opinions you just need to ward off from your life.

Nonetheless, don’t go around holding grudges with people just because their beliefs are different from yours. Accept that everyone has the right to their opinions so if you can’t change it, ignore it.

9. Be Confident, not Proud

These two are easily mistaken for each other. Confidence is believing that you are and can be good enough, while pride is thinking that you are better than you actually are, or better than others.

Be confident, know you’re capable of whatever good it is that you want to achieve. You may need to work harder, you may even fail a couple of times but it’s ok to keep on trying. Even if you do give up, it doesn’t reduce your worth, just know that maybe it isn’t the right path for you.

You do not owe outsiders an explanation for how successful or unsuccessful you are, stop trying to prove what you’re not just to gain validation from people, often times through likes and comments and try to be remain humble despite how much you achieve.

It is better to be underestimated than to be overrated.

A humble man who achieves will be praised, but a proud man who stumbles will be mocked.

10. Be Kind with no expectations.

We live in a society where kindness is seen as a weakness. Why? Because many will tell you “the nice ones get taken advantage of“. So?

If people misuse your kindness or show ingratitude towards your good nature towards them, then that’s their mess. It shows how unworthy and terrible they are as a person and it should not stop you from being the good person that you are.

Separate yourself from those who pay back kindness with wickedness but don’t isolate yourself from the rest of the world because of it. Plus, we are all flawed and perhaps you may even misuse someone else’s kindness without even realizing it so be good and expect nothing in return.

The reward of kindness is that, being kind.

That’s the end of my guide. I hope you found them helpful, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts by email.

Stay safe, Stay Happy


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