An Ideal Morning Routine for Christian Teenagers.

Having an ideal morning routine is not compulsory,  but it is important. We are all aware of the benefits of building positive habits and having a routine you do constantly can help you achieve just that.

I would like to mention that I am not an expert in lifestyle or personal development. I am a normal, Christian girl who is trying to live a good life and as such, my tips will be simple and straight forward.

If you are ready to take your mornings to the next level, then dive in.

1. Don’t snooze, else you’ll lose.

Keep as far away from your alarm as you can in order to avoid the temptation.

I know it’s not easy and a lot of people including myself have not attained that level of discipline yet. In fact,  I am probably much worse than you are in getting out of bed as soon as I wake up.

Mine is so terrible that I don’t even snooze my alarms anymore, I simply sleep past them. 

However, getting up is the first big decision you made everyday. You can choose to dismiss your alarm and lay in bed until your body decides that it’s had enough sleep for one pass. Or, you can defeat sloth (which is one of the seven capital sins by the way), and wake up to start your wonderful day.

2. Pray

What is an ideal routine without prayer? What better way to start another day than talking to the one who let you see that day?

Prayer is a huge component of the Christian life. You can not aspire to live a holy and fulfilling life without assistance from the greater one who knows much better.

A lot of people put off prayer to several hours after waking up, but ideally, it should be the first thing you do as you wake up. (Except you really have to use the toilet as soon as you wake up).

It’s also important to note that your morning prayer should not just be that one sentence you mutter every single morning and conclude that you’ve done enough.

Oh God thank you for today, please guide and bless me, Amen”

Hey! I’m not judging, short prayers can be just as effective as long ones. And we definitely shouldn’t elongate our prayers just to feel self righteous. Nonetheless we can do better at spending more time in prayer.

Praying first thing in the morning is a start to an ideal morning routine.
Photo by Pexels

3. Read the Bible.

BIBLE stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

We as Christians are aware of the great importance of reading the Bible. It is our holy book, God’s own word.

Now I understand that this one might not be attainable for certain people, especially those whose jobs start early each day. But if you have the time, 10-15 minutes of your morning isn’t too much to spend on God’s word.

P.S: if you’re a new Christian or someone who just started or wants to start reading their Bible, I recommend the book of Proverbs and James. 

Reading the Bible is a good habit that makes up an ideal morning routine
Photo by Pexels

4. Straighten your bed.

This may not be a prerequisite in am ideal morning routine but I mean why not do it? And it will probably take you a minute at most.

I’m not a fan of the idea that you must make your bed every single morning. (there’s no harm in doing so, but the pressure is unnecessary)

Nevertheless,  it does have it’s own benefits. Firstly, you won’t have it to do it when you are about to sleep (your exhausted self will thank you later). Also, doing such a menial task can make you feel productive already, so it’s like a good booster for the rest of the day.

A bed that is yet to be made

5. Move.

You don’t have to go all fitfam at the gym or even do any serious workout.

Simply stretch!

Or if you have the time, you can try one of these fitness apps that are all over google play store/apple store.

(Currently, I’m using an app that’s supposed to teach me how to do the splits. Not a big fan of acrobatics, but It’s really good for stretching)

Other fitness ideas include jogging,  skipping and dancing (perhaps to your favourite worship songs while getting ready for work).

Exercising is another one of those things that are not compulsory but are very important in an ideal morning routine, so move!

6. Make a To-do list.

Your brain is good, but it can still forget stuff, so it’s best you write it down.

Since we should all be #teamtrees, I encourage you to just do it on your phone and set reminders.

Still, if you are like me and need a paper taped to the wall beside you for remember stuff, then write them. This will help you organise the rest of the day, especially when you have a lot to do.

I like making to-do lists, the satisfaction that comes from checking them off is a tiny, yet rewarding feeling you can’t get elsewhere.

To do list help you to organize the rest of your day and so, is a good part of an ideal morning routine.
Photo by Pexels

7. Start with the simple chores.

If you’ve already made your bed, then there’s not much that’s left to do unless your floors need cleaning or you have dishes left from the previous day.

Why should you start with the simpler chores? Because taking on the much harder tasks can leave you burned out and too tired to do the lesser chores afterwards. Therefore, it is much more advisable to get the basic chores done during the early hours of the day (Except of course, you have to work early).

8. Eat.

I still don’t get why breakfast is termed the most important meal of the day,  but I can see why nutritionists recommend it. Firstly, you’ll be more energised, and of course, you’re less likely to over indulge later in the day to make up for the calories you missed earlier.

Just remember not to overeat. Gluttony is uncharacteristic of a Christian and self control will always remain a virtue.

9. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Is there really anything to say under this?

happy woman image

I hope you enjoyed reading my simple but useful ideal morning routine guide.

If there’s any you feel I have missed, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

Also share your morning routine in order in the comment section. I’d love to read about what your mornings look like.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy.


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