Five Unique Hobbie ideas for Teenagers in 2022!

These five unique hobbies are not the conventional ones you see everywhere.

Have you been feeling extra bored lately?

Do you feel unproductive, lazy and demotivated?

Are you feeling like you’re wasting your life every day that goes by?

Trust me, a lot of people feel just like you, including myself sometimes.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are various activities you can engage yourself in when you don’t know what else to do.

Today, I am going to share with you five unique hobbies you can start today. These hobbies will not only ease boredom, but also equip you with valuable skills- it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Best part? These hobbies require no money at all! All you need are the things you may already have, like your mobile phone and I will be sharing exact tips and resources to help you get started.

So without further ado, here are five unique hobbies you should consider:

1. Video editing.

I love making videos and I used to wonder how movies were made and how short films like advertisement were edited. My curiosity became more intensified once I got into YouTube. Seeing different creators with unique video editing styles gave me the motivation to consider learning video editing.

Do you also like making videos? Have you ever wanted to recreate a favourite movie scene or act out a little film in your head?

Even if it’s those silly ten seconds Snapchat videos where all you do is make crazy faces, video editing could be for you!

All you need is your phone camera and a video editing software on your phone or laptop. Luckily, there are many free video editing apps and softwares to choose from. For phones, I recommend Youcut and Inshot. While for laptops, final cut Pro and Adobe premiere Pro is what most content creators swear by.

You don’t need to take a course on video editing. Play around with these apps and familiarise with all the tools and functionality and you’ll master it in little time. However, if you want to learn from an expert, then check out these courses.

How to record and edit video content

Professional video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing is a very useful skill especially in this era of social media. This new hobby/skill can come in handy if you ever want to venture into content creation on YouTube or even in the mA video editing software

2. Block coding

Most of us are familiar with computer programming and how increasingly popular it has become. If you are someone who wants to learn programming but is having difficulties understanding the technical language, you should try block coding.

Block coding is the act of programming using already prewritten blocks of code (thus the name). The main catch is that, you can learn to program without actually having to write the code. It’s a more easier way of programming.

There are several softwares for block coding include Kodu and Tynker for PC and  scratch jnr, Tynker and mblock for android.

However, Scratch is the most popular and powerful software for block coding. It was designed and developed by MIT and contains lots of helpful tutorials in the app. They also have an online community where scratchers can share fun projects with each other.

Don’t get deceived by the child-like interface, Scratch is for anyone! And it is very easy to underestimate how powerful the tool is.

If you want to install scratch, be sure to install the latest version which is Scratch 3.0. You can also watch a free course on everything you need to know about scratch.

Scratch game programming

Happy scratching!

Block coding with scratch is one of the best unique hobbies to try out in 2022

3. Book and Movie reviews.

Are you a movie or novel freak? Are you good at gisting people what a film or novel is all about? You should consider writing reviews.

The best part about this hobby is that it’s building on an already existing hobby of yours – watching movies! It can also help you improve your writing and story telling skills.

The best way to get started is by posting short reviews on your social media platforms.

Alternatively, you can create a website for posting these reviews. It can be a free blog which you can create on or follow this tutorial on how to start your own hosted blog.

How to create a website in ten minutes

Writing is one of the best hobbies to do in 2022

4. Music production

Most people love music but do you know that you can actually start making yours?

If you have a decent singing voice and some great lyrics, you can invest your time in music production when you’re bored.

Some good softwares to get started with are Audacity, Logic pro X and Garageband for PC and Music maker jam and Bandlab for phones.

Music production with logic Pro X

Music production is one of the unique hobbies to try in 2022

5. 3d modelling.

Last but not least, you can also try 3d modelling/animation making.

You can start 3d modelling as a means of bringing your imaginations to reality though virtually. Moreover, as 3d printing technology is becoming more rampant, the demand for 3d modelling and CAD (computer aided design) skills is also increasing.

There are many 3d modelling softwares but the most popular is Blender which is free and available for download on any PC.

Blender can be tricky when you’re just starting out, so if you want some tutorials on how to get the most out of the software, I’d recommend these free udemy courses for you.

Introduction to blender for beginners

Blender crash course

Blender 3d modelling for furniture object practice

Create a 3d character in Blender3d modelling with softwares like Blender is a great Unique hobby to try this year

All of these courses are 100 percent free and online, so you don’t have to worry about going to a physical class or paying a certain fee.

These are my five unique hobbies that I would encourage anyone to start today, especially if you’re a young person with a lot of free time.

As mentioned earlier, adopting these hobbies will not only take away the agony of boredom, but will also help you develop some very lucrative skills.

Remember that the aim of choosing a specific hobby is to have fun and be happy while doing it. If you opt for a hobby and it’s not as satisfying as you want it to be, go for another one!

In addition, do not limit yourself to one thing only, have fun with as many as you like. Personally, I have tried three out of these five hobbies and I can tell you that they are a worthwhile use of your time.

Finally, if you have any other questions, comments or even other hobby suggestions, I encourage you to leave them in the comments box down below.

Share this article if you found it useful and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get notified whenever I post a new article.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy.



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