Ihuoma Ikwuegbu is a Nigerian student and teenage blogger who loves to read and write. Dedicated to all teens and youths everywhere, she founded this blog as part of her mission to help her fellow young people navigate through the hurdles of this modern society. She is not an expert on human psychology or teen behaviours. Rather, she loves to learn and share her new discoveries with everyone who cares to listen.

Healthy habits poster

How to Create Good Habits for teens.

Habits are actions performed on a daily basis, repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness. We’ve all heard of the saying: “Habits make or break you.” But how do we create good habits? Creating new habits when you’re already used to your old ones is hard. Luckily, change doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable. James Clear’s best selling book, …

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These are 5 Unique Hobbies you should try today

Five Unique Hobbie ideas for Teenagers in 2022!

These five unique hobbies are not the conventional ones you see everywhere. Have you been feeling extra bored lately? Do you feel unproductive, lazy and demotivated? Are you feeling like you’re wasting your life every day that goes by? Trust me, a lot of people feel just like you, including myself sometimes. Thankfully, it doesn’t …

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